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Student Loans

The new CARES Act offers help paying back your student loans. In addition to the articles and resources posted on this page, here is a quick highlight: 1) Student loan repayment contribution used for your own education will be Federal income tax free up to $5,250 per year; this includes tuition reimbursement benefits you may already receive, 2) There is assistance for borrowers with student loans owned by the Department of Education, and 3) Interest will not be charged through the term of the relief act that will be through 9/30/2020.



Need Additonal Guidance?
If you would like to connect with a Financial Consultant or EAP Counselor, go to the side bar on the right side of this page to Phone, Chat or Email. Our Financial Consultants can assist with resources that are available from a Federal student loan perspective along with resources for private student loans. These include handouts, self-directed learning, articles, worksheets and more.

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